Jun 30

play the role

before we are halfway through making our amends in Step Nine, we are promised, no matter how far down the scale we have gone, we will see how our experience will benefit others…and when we take the Third Step and offer our will and lives over to God, we pray, remove my difficulties so that victory over them will bear witness to those that we help of Thy Love, They Power, and Thy Way of Life.

this is important for me to remember, for that is my true purpose as a survivor of this disease…it is my mission to practice these principles in all my affairs and help others achieve sobriety…i have a responsibility to share and pass on the message i have received to others…it is my job as a member in this organization to impart what i have absorbed from others that have gone before me…i must remain willing to give what has been freely given to me

just as i crawled into the rooms and were dragged through the muck until able to walk upon my own two feet…once able to stand and walk on my own, i must reach back to assist the man behind who is reaching for an outstretched hands…no matter what calamity or hardship i am currently facing, i should never remain unwilling to step outside myself to help another suffering alcoholic/addict…not having the power to control many factors of my life, still i must look to the little differences i can make…it causes the problems i have to seem that much more insignificant

once more, i cannot stress how important it is to remain willing to be of service…i have opportunities every day to be there for someone, do something out of nothing else but the sincere desire to be helpful, and to avoid contemplation and morbid reflection…when life becomes troublesome, i work the harder into helping others…we must hang together or die separately…and if i have nothing to transmit, there are so many other things i can do to be of service…just listening to someone…calling to check on another member who is experiencing difficulty…taking someone to a meeting…welcoming the new person…so many possibilities

what have you to contribute today?