Dec 18

back in action

i want to personally thank all of my readers and listeners for bearing with me over the past couple of months… ¬†being away from this website and the radio show has bummed me out considerably, and i am so glad to be getting back to what i love to do on the internet: ¬†carry the message of 12 step recovery

life has not slowed down for me, but my financial situation has improved…i start a new job in January, which is truly a blessing…i have acquired my drivers license, after being suspended a year (speeding tickets/invalid license)…i’m now working on a vehicle, so that i can commute back and forth to my new job

life is good and getting better all the time…i had a rough patch there for several months, but have held through with the help of God and those of you in the program who have shared His message with me…i celebrated 5 years of sobriety on December 3, 2007 and for that i am truly grateful!…none of this could have been possible without the fellowship and a power greater than myself, which i have found in the rooms

i still have a lot of work to do…i am still a very busy person with a lot on his plate…but, my resources are plentiful right now, so i will always make time to blog and conduct the radio show…next step is to get the account back up and running again, which i plan to do today…i will look at my schedule and post an ad for the next show on the facebook profile for HMR

also, i am still working on the devotional books of archival blog material from Half Measures Room…there is still a lot of editing to be done before Alcoholics Anonymous GSO will give it their stamp of approval…as soon as that is done and receive the correspondence letter approving reprinting the copyrighted material, i will start looking at self-publishing over the internet…if any of you are familiar with doing this type of publishing, i would love to hear from you…just email me here at

thanks again for all of your patience…God bless and i will be talking to you soon on the radio!