Nov 17

a restored sense of self-worth (a repost)

“Today, we experience a full range of feelings. Before coming into the Fellowship, we either felt elated or depressed. Our negative sense of self has been replaced by a positive concern for others. Answers are provided, and problems are solved. It is a great gift to feel human again.” p. 16 NA text

i vividly remember my state of mind before coming to the program…vacant…hollow…empty…used-up…drugs and alcohol not only drained me of all self-sufficiency and will to resist it’s demands, it also rendered my life completely unmanageable…not to mention my emotional nature…my life as an active addict/alcoholic was extremely erratic, unpredictable, and hopeless

the miracle of the program and working the steps is one of complete
restoration…a transformation of mind, body, and soul…through treating the
spiritual malady with principles as old as man himself, we are brought back to
the people we once were, before becoming tainted with the disease of
addiction…we begin to feel as we once did…think as we are capable of…and
act as we always wanted to

this gift is a direct result of worrying less about ourselves and discovering a
genuine hopefulness of our usefulness to others…directing that concern for
ourselves into a direct and authentic service to others seeking the same
freedom is the one shining light beaming down upon us from the Higher Power we
seek to understand and follow the dictates of…in that thread of existence we
find our true meaning and purpose in this new life we have built…feeling
human, acting human and participating with other humans is the great fact for
us today, giving us all opportunities to not only feel better about ourselves,
but assist others in achieving their true potential in sobriety