Mar 15

Up-giving of Operations on the Daily…

attendance at Beginner’s meetings has been my favorite at the group…i always want to remember what it took in order for me to stay sober when coming into the program…and I never want to forget how bad it was out there that caused me to come in the first place…so many motto’s on the walls and shared in the rooms that made supreme sense to me…and reading from the front of the books fit my alcoholic/addict profile well…if it wasn’t for that, i wouldn’t have stuck around and kept coming back…not saying that i want to repeat being a Newcomer…i just don’t want to ever believe like i’ve got this thing sewn up…never do i want to feel that i’m in control of this thing…no matter how hard i work at maintaining sobriety, my life will remain unmanageable, and i will stay powerless over drugs and alcohol…which moves me to proclaim again, it will take a Power other than human aid and greater than myself to stay abstinent

some years ago i met a guy that didn’t like our organization…he was ordered to come and get his paper signed for probation, according to some crime committed…yet, we got along quite well…having the same tastes in music, clothing…he also enjoyed skateboarding…which i invited him to join me with a group of sober guys who skated…most were not alcoholics or drug addicts…but, they had quit in order to stop destruction in their lives…it kept them from filling life responsibilities and keeping to main interests in their lives…eventually this man asked me to be his sponsor, and ended up keeping away from the drink and dope…i stopped hearing from him after some time…and occasionally he would contact me…usually because falling into some trouble, or picking the booze or drugs up again

this happened yesterday…even after moving out of state, he kept my number in his phone…drinking and causing problems in his life again, mentioning bad thoughts entering his mind…i told him that must not be acted upon and can be removed with simple actions taking place in the moment…keeping busy with what is at hand presently is one way of staying out of my head…regretting the past and wanting to change it is not something possible for me…in fact, i can use that ugliness to show others in the same boat how it was overcome for me…and the future isn’t any of my business…no matter what i demand or expect to receive because of where i’ve come…my only manageability is what is in front of me now…what am i accountable for today?…what tasks need to be accomplished?…making a plan in the morning, along with my prayers and meditation, is primary with making that beginning…when laying my head down at night, i thank my Higher Power and go over what i’ve missed, where i’ve gone wrong and ask for help in making corrections…’moving forward’ is a phrase my sponsor told me when we started with the step-work…which holds meaning and direction with me currently

sponsorship is not a employee/employer relationship…my mentor can’t be the boss…he cannot tell me what to do…the only duty that partner has is to carry the message of hope with what has been done to continue sobriety through his own travels in the program…using descriptions of steps from the literature as a source…making decisions on my part is just the beginning…much like cooking, as an example…i can tell you i’m going to bake a cake all day long…but, it isn’t until i collect the ingredients, tools and equipment, and follow the recipe that the product will come to reality…our literature tells us that after taking Step 3, we are to “launch on a course of vigorous action”…and that stays true to anyone anywhere they are in recovery…so we pass on where we have come with this in order to ‘carry the message’…it doesn’t take someone working through all 12 steps in order to be of service to the new person…we can be put on a call list…even though we might not have answers to every problem, it is pivotal that we listen…a lot of people struggling with problems just want to be heard and know that someone cares…we can be that source of support

meetings aren’t the only thing to keep me sober…it is said that ‘meeting-makers make it’…and i’m not so sure that is a great line to repeat…i understand the meaning behind it…there is crucial importance in joining a group and being ‘a part of’…that is where we meet people, and they get to know us…it’s what the Fellowship is all about…however, depending on how many meetings gone to, it’s only an hour or two out of the day…there is an abundance of time left out there for the taking…which is where working the steps come into play essentially…a triad of main principles is showcased in the icon for our way of life…they are called the 3 Legacies…Service is being of help to others…as i’ve mentioned above, it is a great way of getting out of ourselves, our “plans and designs”…we can only keep this thing by giving it away…next is the Recovery part, which is doing the program work…walking through the 12-steps with a sponsor, and “practicing these principles in all our affairs” is primary in success through sobriety…then there is Unity…this coming together as a ‘Group of Drunks’…keeping with a crowd of like-minded individuals who follow the same dictates…for we can either live alongside each other through these practices of keeping clean, or die separately continuing on with what didn’t work so well for us getting loaded