What began as an sober blog profile at myspace and facebook has collected into books cataloging experience, strength and hope concerning recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction.  Every note on 12 step sobriety from the internet social network entries is being self-published through Bookemon and  Since the variety of topics (all pertaining to the 12 step program of recovery) were centered around  other readings, the blogs have been edited.  HMR periodically included passages from the AA and NA literature to start discussion topics.  This has been modified to meet literary standards, providing a more personal and original work to read.

The first couple years of writing have been compiled into the book called ‘notes’.  These are blogs collected from the original HMR profile on Myspace (which is no longer available).  Click the cover page of this first installment to view the ebook, or purchase a softcover/hardcover edition.  The Amazon logo is for a smaller, cheaper softcover.  As said before in the ‘About’ section, HMR is a non-profit blogger.  Any proceeds will go towards maintaining the website and continuing online radio programs in the future.  Looking forward to adding more volumes soon!





The newest edition, called “dually notated” is also available now.  This is a collection of sober discussion blogs from the Facebook profile, during the time HMR broadcast live on internet radio.  Click the cover page for the Amazon paperback (about $10), or the Bookemon icon for a higher-priced hardcover copy.