In June of 2008 I had about 6 months sobriety.  Being very active on myspace, I noticed a lot of ‘sober profiles’ popping up.  This encouraged me to create a mock profile of my own, under the guise of sharing ESH anonymously over the web.  When I share in meetings, I try my best to reference the literature.  This, I believe, gives credence to the message I present to others.  It’s how I begin my blogs, with a small passage from our recovery books (whether it be the AA Big Book, NA basic text, 12 & 12, etc.).  I qualify for several different 12 step fellowships, so I think it is important to reference all types of literature.  Besides, I wouldn’t want to exclude anyone who cares to read my blogs and participate in the discussion.  It was my idea all along to create a meeting in print on my blog page, where the friends I have made on the social network could comment and offer feedback, or their own personal experiences with the topics.

The participation at myspace slowly declined.  I noticed that most of these people had moved on to facebook.  Reluctantly, I created another profile there.  Although I had complaints about the format and navigation of that site, Half Measures Room quickly added friends and became a success.  I have become a part of a rapidly growing network of sober individuals there, and made some valuable friendships, as well.  There are many groups to chat with and numerous links to other sober sites, services and merchandise.  I am still very proud to be part of a powerful vehicle of carrying the message.  It means so much more to me, being able to log in and talk recovery on a daily basis.

The myspace profile is inactive and no longer available to view.  Since the site has been revamped, all the material I created was deleted by myspace.  Fortunately, I have compiled those blogs into a volume, which has been self-published.  As soon as more projects develops and materializes, I will place notification here.  Creative writing has always been a passion of mine.  After getting sober, I found I had lost the creativity of coming up with fictional stories to write about.  I had been told that the best author’s write about what they know.  I have found that blogging about sobriety is much more rewarding, and I will never run out of things to say about what has changed, saved and enriched my life.  Please click the links below for view and connection with HMR at social media sites, such as Facebook, Linked In, YouTube and Twitter.blogtalkradiotwitterLinkedIn