halfmeasuresroom.com is the central hub of an anonymous sober blogger and online recovery radio host.  The site was created in order to better carry HMR’s message of 12 step recovery from alcoholism/drug addiction, and act as a vehicle to move material generated from Facebook, Blogtalkradio, Linked In, Twitter and blog book collectives.

To avoid violating the 11th Tradition (which reads “we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, and films”), I must state that Half Measures Room does not claim to represent any specific 12 step fellowship.  The aim instead is to provide thoughtful commentary on personal experience through the medium of blogging, online radio, and social networking.  It was never the intention of making money off of doing this.  In fact, this website, books and online radio show itself are being paid for on HMR’s own dollar.  Therefore, this is not an endorsement or personal promotion of 12 step sobriety over the world-wide web.  Even with the facebook profile, Half Measures Room never sought out to add random people.  It has always been spread through word-of-mouth.  Just like how dances, conferences and workshop’s are promoted within our 12 step meetings, just so has this blog and radio show been broadcast over the internet.  HMR only seeks to attract those that have, or presently maybe suffering from the chronic and progressive illness of drug addiction and alcoholism.  This was never meant to be a replacement for real-life meetings or one-on-one work with a 12 step sponsor.  Rather, this is an added plus and enhancement to what you may already be doing to keep yourself sober.

If you have any further questions, concerns, comments, etc…please don’t hesitate to send me a personal email at halfmeasuresroom@yahoo.com